Plenty of Room to Swing a Rope

Last weekend I was at the SFL Oklahoma Regional. This was, I believe, the first SFL Regional to be specifically focused on anarchism. I spoke about the “final arbiter” objection; here are my powerpoints.

This was also, I think, the largest concentration of left-libertarians at any conference I’ve been to – so it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Here’s the main group photo from the conference:


And here’s the photo of just the left-libertarians:

We are everywhere, we are Hydra.

Oh, in other news, I’ve got two more columns up in my series on ancient Greece: one on public-choice aspects of Athenian law and one on political ideas in Greek tragedy.
Greek Tragedy

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Rocky Mountain, Hi

I’m back from the Denver Regional, which was fun; here are the powerpoints from my prison- abolition talk.

denver-horizonIt was nice seeing a western skyline again – mountains on the horizon, different kinds of weather visible in different directions. Eastern skylines are generally so claustrophobic.

Tomorrow at 9 Eastern, C4SS comrade Cory Massimino is interviewing me; catch it live.

This coming weekend: the Oklahoma Regional, with an anarchy focus and a large Molinari/C4SS presence.

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Dancing Queen

Evidence that Ayn Rand would like Riverdance:

She described her ideal form of the dance as “tap dance and ballet combined,” and envisioned one form of it as being performed “without ever moving from one spot.”


Evidence that Ayn Rand would dislike Riverdance:

It’s inspired by traditional folk dancing, and Rand hated folk dancing, memorably writing that “all folk art is essentially similar and excruciatingly boring: if you’ve seen one set of people clapping their hands while jumping up and down, you’ve seen them all.”

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