I Was Somewhere Around Barstow on the Edge of the Desert When the Memes Began to Take Hold

I’m back from my travels. In addition to my panels, I hung out with old friends in (though not from) San Diego, revisited old haunts (Ocean Beach, Cabrillo Monument, Old Town, Little Italy, Coronado, and Balboa Park), discovered two excellent breakfast places for terrific omelettes (Harbor Breakfast and Curadero), and rediscovered a third (Breakfast Republic).

On Sunday I rented a car and drove to Las Vegas across the Mojave Desert (via Barstow, indeed) for my next conference. It was wonderful to see Western vistas again, with horizons as they should be (i.e., far away, and featuring mountains peeking out behind mountains peeking out behind other mountains).

In Vegas I hung out with the Molinari/C4SS contingent. Randy Holcombe and Mike Munger both gave very left-libertarian presentations about crony capitalism, though they fell short of drawing the full left-libertarian anarchist moral.


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