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Separated at Birth?

Jessica Jones and Supergirl are tonally such different shows that it’s easy to miss the similarities between them; but once you do notice them, they turn out to be pretty pervasive. (Note: SPOILERS for both shows.)

You’ve got the superpowered protagonist who lost her parents and has recently lacked the confidence to make full use of her powers …

Their expressions really do sum up the difference between the shows.

Their expressions really do sum up the difference between the shows.

… her closest confidant and foster sister …


… who has serious mom issues …


… a costume based on the comics but rejected by the tv character as too revealing …


… a dweeby admirer …


… and a studly love interest …


… whose former partner makes everything complicated …


… a snide and creepily obsessive archenemy with snappy dress sense …


… a high-powered professional who’s arrogant, self-centered, and ruthless, but still somehow sympathetic …


… but not sympathetic enough to prevent a vengeful woman’s trying to kill her …


… plus, finally, a government guy who’s a villain in the comics yet seems like an ally here, though he definitely has something to hide:


Plenty of Room to Swing a Rope

Last weekend I was at the SFL Oklahoma Regional. This was, I believe, the first SFL Regional to be specifically focused on anarchism. I spoke about the “final arbiter” objection; here are my powerpoints.

This was also, I think, the largest concentration of left-libertarians at any conference I’ve been to – so it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Here’s the main group photo from the conference:


And here’s the photo of just the left-libertarians:

We are everywhere, we are Hydra.

Oh, in other news, I’ve got two more columns up in my series on ancient Greece: one on public-choice aspects of Athenian law and one on political ideas in Greek tragedy.
Greek Tragedy

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