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Song of the Variable Time-Unit #1

“Song of the Variable Time-Unit,” because I can’t commit to a “Song of the Week,” let alone a “Song of the Day.”

This particular song (Norah Jones’ “Sinking Soon”), because I was just driving through New Orleans with this playing on my stereo, and it’s a very New Orleansy song.

Where Is Lysander Spooner When We Need Him?

The USPS is cancelling Saturday delivery for letters, but not for packages.

The USPS enjoys a coercive monopoly on letter delivery, but not on package delivery.

It’s almost as though they’re responding to incentives of some sort. Wacky, huh?

Man or Austroman?

For the past couple of months I’ve been without a working internet connection at home, a deprivation which has been like pouring a bottle of molasses into the gears of my life.

It ultimately took getting both a new computer (well, a new CPU; same old monitor) and a new modem, but now I am finally back in touch with the arakhnia. Now I need to get just a teeny bit caught up ….

P.S. – Happy Abolish-the-Presidency Day!

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