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Report From Libertopia, Part 4

I’m back from Libertopia, hanging out in the Atlanta airport waiting for my shuttle to Auburn.

Yesterday morning I attended Charles’ FMAC Q&A (unfortunately scheduled opposite Gary’s talk on war), David Gordon’s critique of argumentation ethics (yes!), and a “Declaration of Independence 2.0” presentation by Gary, Sky Conway, and Stefan Molyneux (the latter of whom peered with puzzlement at my feminist button).

In the afternoon I spoke on a free cities panel (subbing for Michael Strong, who’s tied up – not literally I hope – in Honduras fighting a court challenge to his free city project), and after that Charles, Gary, Sheldon, and I had an FMAC panel. Between sessions we tabled. As always, a great time. Photos to follow. See also the Molinari news page.

Report From Libertopia, Part 3

Yesterday I went to talks by Tom Bell on free cities, Stephan on IP, and David Friedman on what would be in the 3rd edition of The Machinery of Freedom if his publisher would let him print it (so there’s another argument against IP!). I was also interviewed by John Bush (a Texas libertarian activist) and Zach Weissmuller (for Reason TV). The rest of the day I spent tabling at the Molinari/C4SS booth (or boothing at the Molinari/C4SS table) with the other ALLies here.

Today I attended talks by Anthony Gregory on civil liberties, Ryan Garcia on seasteading, Sheldon on autonomy, Charles and Stephan on IP, and Sharon Presley and David F. on privatisation, as well as giving my own talk on “Race, Gender, and Anarchy”; and at the official banquet I had the honour of presenting David F. with a lifetime achievement award. Charles, Gary, Sheldon, and I spent the rest of our time tabling and/or boothing, and were also interviewed by Stephanie Murphy (of Porc Therapy and C4SS).

I’ll link to the various interviews once they’re online.

Report From Libertopia, Part 2

Had lunch today at the Red Sails Inn, a restaurant I haven’t been to since I was nine or so, with Stephan Kinsella (pictured, middle), Sheldon Richman (pictured, right), Anthony Gregory (not pictured because he’s holding the camera), and Sheldon’s wife Cheryl (not pictured because of the whole witness protection thing).

Roderick Long, Stephan Kinsella, and Sheldon Richman at the Red Sails Inn

I stole this picture from Stephan’s Facebook page. I hope he doesn’t sue me.

Had dinner with all of the above plus Less Antman.


Just found and swiped a second photo; this one includes Anthony.

All of the above plus Anthony Gregory

Catching Darkness

Although I’m a big Leonard Cohen fan, his last two albums haven’t been favourites of mine. (Maybe I need to give them another listen.) But this song off the most recent album is an exception:

In other news: cross Blondie’s “Call Me” from American Gigolo with the original Doctor Who theme, add some anti-authoritarian lyrics, and voilà:

Report from Libertopia

David Byrne is performing “Burning Down the House” live on the hotel’s stage, almost just outside my bedroom window, right now.

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