Archive | September 4, 2012

Uncape My Ride

What do Batman and Francisco d’Anconia have in common?

They’re both inspired by Zorro – a daring crusader for justice who disguises himself as a rich, idle playboy. Plus Batman and Zorro both wear capes, while Rand describes d’Anconia as looking “as if he had a cape waving behind him in the wind.”

So why are ads for the new Atlas Shrugged movie picking a fight with capes generally and Batman specifically?

Atlas Shrugged II:  Real heroes don't need capes

(I’m assuming it’s mainly Batman that they have in mind, since The Dark Knight Rises is the most recent movie to feature a caped hero; and most of the Avengers don’t wear capes.)

Plus – do they know that the characters in Atlas Shrugged are also not real?

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