Archive | August, 2012

O Mio Babbino Skaro

When I saw this Dalek assembly hall, or whatever it is, in the preview for the upcoming Doctor Who series 7 premiere:

I realised that it was exactly what I’d pictured the Dalek courtroom as looking like at the beginning of the 1996 tv-movie – so much so that I can half-believe I saw it there, though of course nothing is really shown at all:

Crisis Management

It’s commonly asserted that the Chinese word for “crisis” means “danger + opportunity.” This claim is usefully debunked here.

The debunker oddly seems to think, however, that the soundness of the advice to seek beneficial opportunities in times of crisis stands or falls with the accuracy of the translation. It doesn’t, of course; the advice could be good even if the translation is wrong, or bad even if the translation were correct. (I would add, boringly, that whether the advice is good or bad depends on what sort of crisis it is.)

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