Archive | August 2, 2012

At Long Last, Here I Am

The latest preview for Doctor Who Series 7:

Matt Smith seems somewhat more pleased with “dinosaurs! on a spaceship!” than Samuel Jackson was in his analogous situation.

Sherlock fans will recognise the guy with the shotgun.

In related news, see this:

The Sign of Three

A friend recently sent me this postcard from Germany:

Zeiten ändern sich

The phrase at the top means “times are changing.”

My friend’s comments:

The age of anarchy is over. Remember all that anarchy back in ’91? Phew! Crazy times. Now we know where it’s @. … This was a free postcard, and in no way do I vouch for the product/service advertised.

In addition to the silliness about 1991 being the heyday of anarchism (though, come to think of it, 1991 was the year I became an anarchist, so I guess it was the age of anarchy for me; I think I got onto the internet before 2011, though), there’s the implied silliness of thinking of these three symbols as competing rather than complementary. (In fact the third is often used online as a way of representing the second.)

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