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Everything Is All Right, the Struggle Is Finished, I Have Won the Victory Over Myself, I Love Historian Herby

Going through more old papers today, I found the following mimeographed propaganda that was handed out in my school in 5th or 6th grade (mid-1970s):

Our Obligations as Citizens

In the Constitution of the United States of America, every citizen is guaranteed certain rights. When people have rights, they also have obligations.

These are some of the obligations that citizens of the United States have:

1. The obligation to vote. Each citizen has an obligation to vote for good officers for our government.

     How old must you be to vote? ____________________

      When is Election Day? ____________________

2. The obligation to uphold the Constitution by obeying the laws.

3. The obligation to serve on a jury if we are asked. The right of trial by jury makes serving as a juror an obligation.

4. The obligation to study and learn about our form of government so that we can be intelligent citizens.

5. The obligation to respect the rights of other people. When we have the right of going to a church of our choice, we must respect the rights of others to go to a church of their choice.

Historian Herby says, “For every right we enjoy, there is an obligation we must pay.”

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