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You May Seek Him In the Basement, You May Look Up In the Air

And so we come, alas, to the end of Sherlock series 2.

Moriarty watching the finale of “The Reichenbach Fall”

Moriarty watching the finale of “The Reichenbach Fall”

I don’t consider anything I’m about to say spoilerific, but those who have an ultra-low threshold for what counts as a spoiler may wish to stop reading now.

Episode 2, “The Hounds of Baskerville,” was enjoyable, though it suffers from being sandwiched between two much more brilliant episodes. I liked the way, whenever the story deviated from the original, it would drop in a little nod to what was being deviated from.

And finally there arrives the long-awaited Episode 3, “The Reichenbach Fall,” in which Sherlock heads inexorably toward his fated rendezvous at Lake Silencio.

Oh sorry, wrong show. But yeah, there are a few parallels ….

Anyway, the final episode was absolutely terrific (I have some quibbles, but can’t really talk about them while staying spoiler-free).

About that crucial scene you’ll want to rewind for: listen very carefully to what Sherlock tells John (his exact wording), and watch very carefully for what is seen and what is not seen (and notice the reasons, plural, for the not-being-seen-ness of what is not seen). If I’m right, we’ve been told and shown pretty much everything we need.

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