Archive | May 29, 2011

Doctor Who vs. the Nazgûl


Doctor Who episode 6, “The Almost People,” aired in Britain today, but won’t air till next weekend in the u.s. (Memorial Day weekend is what’s putting things out of synch.) Of course there arrrgh other means of seeing it ….

But if you haven’t seen “The Almost People,” do not watch the following prequel and trailer for episode 7, “A Good Man Goes to War.”

Well, There’s Spam, Egg, Sausage, and Spam; That’s Not Got MUCH Spam In It

Kevin Carson, in the new Freeman, on European “socialism” versus American “capitalism”:

[S]ocial democracy treats privilege as normal and leaves it intact – then regulates it to make it bearable to the subordinate classes without altering its fundamental nature as privilege. But most of the positive aspects of the European model simply duplicate what could be achieved by dismantling privilege altogether.

(Celý piroh.)

In the same issue, see John Blundell on the Grimké sisters and Stephan Kinsella on IP. There’s other good stuff too.

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