Archive | April 21, 2011

Labyrinth in Aqua

The Molinari Society session on Gary Chartier’s book will run from 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, 23 April 2011, in San Diego’s Hilton Bayfront. For anyone planning to attend, I can now announce the room: Aqua 300.

The Hilton Bayfront’s floors are identified by shades of blue – Indigo, Aqua, Sapphire – rather than by numbers (though they are not actually painted the shades they are named after), but the Aqua level is essentially the 3rd floor. Finding room 300 is non-obvious, since it’s not near most of the other meeting rooms and the signage is unhelpfulage; but once you get off the escalator on Aqua, head straight ahead toward the windows. When you see a UPS store to the right, turn right, going past the UPS store (keeping it on your left), then turn left and head all the way back.

Or you can just look at the following map of the Aqua level. Aqua 300’s at the lower left. (Click for increased hugeness.)

Hilton Bayfront, Aqua level

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