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Looking Greenly

The (or a) UK Green Party has “changed [its] approach to science,” according to this story. (CHT Ken MacLeod.)

Kermit goes green

The changes look to me to be a mixed bag. There are some good things – most notably, the Greens have backed away from the idea of having scientists be legally required to swear an Oath to the Urth! On the down side, though, they’ve apparently made their peace with vivisection. (I don’t think vivisection should be banned by force of law, but I certainly favour opposing it.)

But the chief change seems to be a shift from a “regulate conventional medicine but not alternative medicine” position to a “regulate all medicine” position – a move in the direction of greater consistency, but an improvement in no other way.

A related story claims that “alternative medicine by definition is medicine that has been proven not to work, or not been proven to work. Alternative medicine that works is called ‘medicine’” – an assertion that belongs in the same category as the quondam Attorney General’s apothegm “you don’t have many suspects who are innocent of a crime. That’s contradictory. If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect.”

Hmm, I wonder what the definition of an alternative party is.

We Will Argue on the Plains, We Will Argue on the Beaches

Two upcoming Alabama philosophy events (one more upcoming than the other):

Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front Hotel

Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front Hotel

Why, you may ask, is the Alabama Philosophical Society going to be meeting in Florida? I’ll give you a hint. (And the disparity is even worse for our undergrad majors, whom we like to take to these events.)

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