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Hiking With Zeno

Or maybe Kafka. Here’s the Weather Channel’s description of this hiking path in Yellowstone:

Length: 15.3 Feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Beginning Elevation: 6,400 Feet (Approximately)
Elevation Gain: Minimal
USGS Map(s): Bechler Falls and Cave Falls

This loop trail is a great overnighter or long Day trip.

Yes, I can see how the elevation gain would be minimal. But if it takes a whole day to traverse a 15.3 foot long path of moderate difficulty, I wonder what severe difficulty would look like ….

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Here’s a picture (click to enlarge) of cops arresting some protestors; note the possibly suspicious similarity between the protestors’ bootsoles and those of the cops. This is apparently a famous picture but I hadn’t seen it before; see the discussion here.

Cops and victims wearing same boots

Cops and victims wearing same boots

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