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Randians Will Be Randians

Steve Skeates once wrote a comic featuring The Question (a character created by Randian Steve Ditko), in which the hero, asked by the villain “Don’t you remember me?” replies “Now listen, my friend, you weren’t important enough for me to remember!” Ditko had no problem with the last part of the line (after all it sounds a bit like Roark’s one line to Toohey), but he sent Skeates a six-page rant – “a rather daunting and even rather scary letter,” as Skeates recalls – explaining why his hero would never call a criminal “friend” even in jest. Details here.

Auld Lang Syne

Lex LangThere’s a voice actor named Lex Lang who has played various supervillains in such animated shows as Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Superheroes, The Batman, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

No mention of whether he has a sister named Lana Luthor.

Here’s Mud In Your Eye

Pete Seeger wrote this song as an allegory for LBJ and the Vietnam War. But it applies just as well to Bush and Iraq – or to Obama and the Stimulus.

Cato Namecheck

Hey, I’m quoted on p. 15 of the latest (Jan./Feb. ’09) Cato Policy Report, in a brief reference to the conflation debate – which I really do mean to get back to ….

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