Archive | February 14, 2009

A Puzzlement

Chocolate + orange is a popular candy flavour. So why isn’t it more popular as an ice cream flavour?

Born To Be Vlad

As long as we’re on the subject of vampires, a quiz:

  • By what means do vampires customarily kill?
  • By what means do vampire hunters customarily kill?
  • By what means did Vlad the Impaler customarily kill?
  • Why is Vlad the Impaler so frequently imagined as a vampire rather than, say, a vampire hunter?

Acid Reflux

NosferatuSo, I have this idea for a scene in a movie, but I have no idea for the rest of the movie, so here’s the scene. Some people find it really funny, others are like “what?”

The characters are fighting a bunch of vampires, and the Cool Guy takes out this water cannon and starts blasting the vampires with liquid. When it hits them it burns like acid; the vampires’ faces melt, they collapse screaming, etc.

Less Cool Guy: Damn, that stuff works on them just like acid! What is it, holy water?

Cool Guy: No, it’s acid.

That is all.

Watching the Watchmen More Closely

Rorschach in prisonCheck out Ross Levatter’s terrifically detailed ongoing analysis of Alan Moore’s Watchmen – or, more accurately, of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, since a great deal of the analysis concerns the artwork. Levatter has noticed and documented all sorts of fascinating details that just went right by me before. (Conical hat tip to Jeff Hummel.)

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