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JLS 21.3 and 21.4: What Lies Within? An Atlas Shrugged Symposium and More!

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The two latest issues (21.3 and 21.4) of the Journal of Libertarian Studies will also be the last, at least for the immediate future as the JLS heads into hiatus. So what’s in ’em?

Journal of Libertarian Studies One major item is a symposium commemorating the 50th anniversary of Atlas Shrugged, featuring Barbara Branden on her memories of Atlas’s initial publication; fan letters from Mises and Rothbard (the latter previously unpublished) to Rand; another Rothbard piece (likewise previously unpublished) on the literary merits of Atlas Shrugged; Geoff Plauché on Atlas, La Boétie, and science fiction; and Jennifer Baker on the relationship between virtue and success in Atlas.

What else besides the Atlas symposium? Richard Sharvy on what philosophers know and everybody else doesn’t; Anthony Gregory and Walter Block critiquing Hoppe on immigration; Anna-Karin Andersson rebutting Susan Moller Okin’s criticism of Nozick; James Garland on libertarian themes in Raymond Aron; Jeremy Shearmur on John Gray’s downhill intellectual slide; Pierre Desrochers on Alice Alexiou’s biography of urban theorist Jane Jacobs; Tom Woods on Nicholas Orme’s history of secular education in the Middle Ages; Robert Higgs on anarchy; John Brätland on Rawlsian intergenerational equity; Mark Crovelli on praxeological approaches to international relations; Frank Daumann on Hayekian social evolution; and Lou Carabini on why Bastiat was wrong about the broken window. (For the record, I think Bastiat makes precisely the point Lou thinks he fails to make, but never mind ….)

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