Archive | June 23, 2008

Tools For A Revolution That Is Over?

William Gillis has put together a terrific online clearinghouse for market anarchist pamphlets called Invisible Molotov; check it out.

On the other hand, Gillis’s confidence that the task of jumpstarting left/libertarian reunification has been largely accomplished strikes me as a tad premature, given that libertarians and leftists continue on the whole to be confusedly estranged from one another.

Evil Lesbians in Space!

I’m a big fan of BSG’s Imperious Leader Ron Moore, but as long as I’m dissing him on race, I might as well diss him on sexual orientation as well.

Gina and Cain Moore used to criticise Star Trek for not having any gay characters. When BSG started he said he hoped to include a gay relationship along the way. Whenever he was asked about it he would say something like, “I still want to, we just need to find the right way to do it.”

Finally he delivered on his promise – by giving us a lesbian couple in which one has the other raped and tortured and the other kills the first in revenge. That was the right way he was looking for? Ooooookay ….

(Shades of JMS criticising Trek for no gay characters, promising a gay relationship on B5, and then giving us a barely-hinted-at lesbian relationship in which one of the two women immediately has a braincrash, turns evil, and leaves the show.)

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