Good Riddance to Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld trying to use Force lightningJust saw this. Well! So the Democratic victory has had at least one good result already. Amazing to see this administration responding for once to a reality external to their own minds.

President Bush warns against misinterpreting his long-overdue decision to boot Von Rumsfeld: “To our enemies: Do not be joyful. Do not confuse the workings of our democracy with a lack of will.”

Sorry, Mr. President; but as one of the enemies of your lawless regime I can’t help being a little joyful. I wish it had happened sooner; I wish you were accompanying your grinning, murderous lackey out the door; but it’s a start.


3 Responses to Good Riddance to Rumsfeld

  1. George Steele November 9, 2006 at 2:29 pm #

    Amen, Dr. Long, they can’t be gotten rid-of fast enough. Let’s get-on with what the new gang of thieves has in store for us.

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