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Eis Duo Treis ho de Tetartos Pou

I’m familiar with views (and here I include both scientific and mythological views) according to which the universe has a beginning and an ending; and with views according to which it has no beginning and no ending; and with views according to which it has a beginning but no ending.

But I can’t recall coming across any view, either scientific or mythological, according to which the universe has an ending but no beginning.

Now it doesn’t surprise me that that’d be the least popular of the views. Despite the admonitions of Epicurus and Spinoza, we tend to find the prospect of future nonexistence more depressing than the prospect of past nonexistence; so objections to finitude, for those who have them, are more likely to focus on the future than on the past. Furthermore, counting down from infinity likewise seems more objectionably paradoxical than counting up to infinity; so objections to infinitude, for those who have them, are more likely to focus on the past than on the future.

All the same, it’s a big old world with a lot of people in it, and the space of possible views does tend to get populated, so I’d likewise be surprised if nobody had ever held the end-but-no-beginning view. My bet is that someone has. I just don’t know of any example.


iRad I.3 in Print, iRad I.2 Online

The third issue (Spring 2013) of The Industrial Radical will be back from the printers and on its way to subscribers shortly, featuring articles by Less Antman, Jason Lee Byas, Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Anthony Gregory, Trevor Hultner, Charles Johnson, Joshua Katz, Thomas L. Knapp, Abby Martin, Chad Nelson, Sheldon Richman, Jeremy Weiland, and your humble correspondent, on topics ranging from NSA surveillance and whistleblowing, the Turkish revolt, the Boston lockdown, the Keystone XL pipeline, intellectual property, and the futility of gun control in an age of 3-D printing, to compulsory schooling, American militarism, conscription, worker exploitation, property rights, prison ethics, rape culture, the pros and cons of communism, and the dubious legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

The Industrial Radical I.3 (Spring 2013)

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Guys and Dolls

Highly recommended: Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference by Cordelia Fine, a feminist neuroscientist who punctures innatist myths about gender difference. Buy copies for your friends who think “Science!” has shown that men and women are genetically programmed for differences in blah blah blah.

The title is a nod to Anne Fausto-Sterling’s earlier Myths Of Gender: Biological Theories About Women And Men, which I also highly recommend – but Fine’s book is not only more up-to-date, but also more accessible and reader-friendly; so it makes a better introduction for the feminist-resistant.

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