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The Doctor Dances at the End of Time

Michael Moorcock – the British anarchist science fiction writer who gave us inter alia Elric of Melniboné, Jerry Cornelius, and Colonel Pyat – has just written a Doctor Who novel. From the press release’s references to “Captain Cornelius,” “Miggea” and the “Arrow of Law,” it seems clear that Moorcock intends to incorporate aspects of the […]

The Pale Prince of Crime

Beginning in the 1890s and continuing as far as the 1970s, a series of British pulp stories by various authors, collaborating in what nowadays would be called a “shared universe,” chronicled the adventures of a detective named Sexton Blake. The stories were broadly similar, I gather, to the Sherlock Holmes stories, though with more of […]

Def Elric?

Inspired by the success of its recent Robert E. Howard collections (about which I’ve blogged previously), Del Rey is coming out with what’s being billed as the “definitive” collection of Michael Moorcock’s Elric stories in six volumes (four of which – Stealer of Souls, To Rescue Tanelorn, The Sleeping Sorceress, and Duke Elric – are […]

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