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Libertopia Plus a Mountain Excursion

As I only now belatedly report, I attended the revived Libertopia conference in San Diego, 3-6 May. As always it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to hang out with Gary Chartier and Jeff Tucker. It was also fun visiting some of my favourite San Diego eateries, such as Berta’s and Cannonball. […]

Left-Libertarians at Libertopia

[cross-posted at C4SS and BHL] Next month (3-6 May) in San Diego I’ll be speaking at the Libertopia conference, which is back after several years’ hiatus. Here’s my topic and abstract: Hoppean Libertarianism as Right-Wing Tribalism: A Critique Roderick T. Long One of the main conduits by which many libertarians in recent years have been […]

Libertopia Looms

The schedule for the upcoming Libertopia 2014 (the fifth one) is now online. Molinari/C4SS/ALL will have a table/booth (thanks to our generous donors), and Gary and I are speaking.

Send Molinari/C4SS/ALL to Libertopia!

Libertopia 2014 is coming up, Nov. 13-16. We – that’s the unholy triumvirate of the Molinari Institute, the Center for a Stateless Society, and the Alliance of the Libertarian Left (specifically the ALL Distro) – are hoping, as in years past, to have a presence at the conference, but we’re a bit tighter for finances […]

Report from Libertopia, Part 12

My Reason TV interview (or some subset thereof) from Libertopia is online now. Added bonus: at the 4:40 mark you can see Sheldon Richman, Gary Chartier, and David Friedman. Or their backs, anyway.

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