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Space Space Baby

With various Jack Kirby collections out (Fourth World, Eternals, Black Panther, Devil Dinosaur, Silver Star, the first half of Kamandi) or on the way (OMAC, Demon, Captain Victory), one more I’d like to see (though the copyright issues are probably trickier than in the other cases) is his 2001: A Space Odyssey material, which consists […]

Kamandi meets Ayn Rand?

Okay, despite the resemblance, that’s not really a young Ayn Rand arguing with the Last Boy on Earth. And I reckon the real Rand would frown on enslaving people to steal their genes. Still, this Jack Kirby character’s name was Arna. Ya gotta wonder ….

Inspirational Politics

With McCain promising a hundred years of occupation, Obama calling himself an “imperfect vessel,” and Clinton morphing eerily into Granny Goodness, surely Jack Kirby sums up the presidential election.

Army of One

As a fan of Jack Kirby’s original OMAC character (as opposed to the recent reboot that turns Brother Eye evil, connects it with Batman, multiplies the OMACs [doesn’t it defeat the point of a “one man army” to have a whole army of them?], and makes them mindless pawns of Brother Eye), I’m glad to […]

Gods of the Pacific

I’ve previously discussed the Super Powers series as one bit of Jack Kirby’s New Gods-related work that isn’t going to make it into the four-volume Fourth World Omnibus. Turns out there’s another bit of Kirby’s New Gods-related work that will likewise be left out. In the late 1970s, San Diego’s Pacific Comics was one of […]

Fabulous Channeling

Has anyone besides me noticed that Mark Buckingham’s artwork on the Fables comic book series is getting to look more and more like a perfect cross between Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Wally Wood? Click here to see what I mean.

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