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Updated info (including location) for the Molinari Society panel tomorrow:

Emma Goldman and Voltairine de Cleyre

Eastern APA, Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Friday, 28 December:

Molinari Society, 2:00-5:00 p.m. [GIV-3, room L406 (lobby level, past the fitness center; see map]:
Explorations in Philosophical Anarchy

Matthew Quest (Independent Scholar), “Between Insurrection and Popular Self-Management: Emma Goldman and the Self-Governing Will”
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University), “Transformation or Abolition: Marriage and the Family in the Individualist Anarchist Tradition”

Nina Brewer-Davis (Auburn University)
Charles Johnson (Molinari Institute)

Frustratingly, they’ve scheduled our session opposite a session that includes both a paper on C. L. R. James (one of Matthew’s main research interests) and a paper on the abolition of marriage. Les choses sont contre nous.

P.S. – If my online presence has been scant lately, it’s because my home internet connection is on the fritz. That’ll be corrected next year (i.e., next week).

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