Archive | September 7, 2010

No Place to Hyde

Since I like what I’ve seen of Steven Moffat’s work (Doctor Who, Coupling, Sherlock), I thought I’d check out Jekyll. The two clips below are all I’ve seen so far (and probably all I’ll have time to see this week, since I leave for a Liberty Fund conference in Virginia on Thursday), but it looks promising:

(I’m pretty sure that what the second clip calls “Episode Two, Scene One” is actually Episode One, Scene Two.) If the actress in these opening scenes looks familiar, that may be because she was the star of the short-lived Bionic Woman reboot. Those who’ve seen the third episode of Sherlock may notice a similarity in characterisation between Moffat’s Hyde and Moffat’s Moriarty.


Oh okay, one more:

Fun stuff, except for Joseph Paterson’s painfully fake American accent. (I didn’t even realise he was supposed to be American until he made the crack about British people being funny.)

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