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Name That Critter

llama, not emu

llama, not emu

I sent the following letter to the Opelika-Auburn News on April 4th; it wasn’t published:

To the editor:

Page C1 of the April 4th paper features a picture of two animals with the caption “Spring brings a new generation of emus to a farm on Society Hill Road.”

emu, not llama

emu, not llama

Perhaps it does, but emus are ostrich-like birds. The animals pictured are obviously either llamas or alpacas – in any case, mammals rather than birds.

Perhaps this was meant to run three days earlier?

Roderick T. Long

(I put some pics up to make their mistake look slightly less egregious.)

What a Fool Believes

rogue cops

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer explains why we shouldn’t worry that her state’s new law (allowing the police to demand identity papers from anyone who looks like they might be an “illegal” immigrant) won’t lead to racial profiling or other abuses (as if “the thing itself” were not abuse enough …):

We have to trust our law enforcement. Police officers are going to be respectful. They know what their jobs are; they’ve taken an oath. And racial profiling is illegal.

Oh well, nothing to worry about then.

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