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Hail Caesar!

Check out this merry message from our friends at the Census Bureau:

Census ad

And be sure to read Tom Knapp’s comments, as well as the Bible’s animadversions on King David’s earlier census.

I’m tempted to add a shiny poster of Jesus being crucified, with the text: “This is how Jesus died. Jesus cooperated with the Roman Empire’s criminal justice system. Don’t be afraid.”

Prax Vobiscum

Tom Woods

Tom Woods

Tom Woods has an excellent piece on LRC today criticising Catholic social theorists who think they can derive policy proposals from papal pronouncements without having to know any economics.

Of course I think Tom’s case against extending papal authority to economic facts is an equally good argument against accepting it for the moral and theological facts that are supposed to be its proper ambit, since these facts too “cannot be protested, defied, or lectured to” but “can only be learned and acted upon.” But since he so nicely cites my abstraction paper I won’t press the point.

Summertime and the Living Is Easy

I just stumbled across this charming website of Ian McKellen explaining the opening speech of Richard III. Admittedly it’s all rather simplistic and he assumes a fairly ignorant audience, but he’s so much fun to watch and listen to that I don’t much mind.

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