Archive | May 4, 2009

More Crap from the “Libertarian” Party

The Barristas, apparatchiks, dilutionists, and statist creeps who currently control the Libertarian Party are now demanding that immigrants to the U.S. be treated as “guilty” of being infected until proven innocent. (Conical hat tip to Soviet Onion.) No word on why they don’t favour similar controls on travel between states, or hey, counties.

Liberty betrayedThis is just the latest in a long train of abuses and usurpations.

I’ve been involved intermittently with the LP for the past couple of decades, and there have always been serious problems with it. But in the last few years things have gotten much, much worse.

One of two things needs to happen, dammit. Either the Libertarian Party needs to be retaken by actual libertarians, and all these bozos purged – or else the Party needs to be fought tooth and nail as an enemy of libertarianism.

Groups like the Grassroots Libertarian Caucus and the LP Radical Caucus are working (in somewhat different ways) at the first option, as are some of the better LP candidates and potential candidates (e.g. Mary Ruwart, Tom Knapp, Steve Kubby). The Agorists and Voluntaryists have long advocated the second option. I feel the pull of both, but in any case one or the other needs to be done. Letting the current leadership keep dragging the libertarian banner through the mud without concerted opposition is not an option.

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