Archive | March 27, 2008

Vote War No More

If you’d like to add your signature to a statement saying “I will only vote for or support federal candidates who publicly commit to a speedy end to the Iraq war, and to preventing future ‘wars of aggression’,” click here.

Nonvoters take notice: given the logic of “only,” this pledge means merely that you won’t vote for candidates who don’t meet this test, not that you will vote for some candidate who does – so you can sign with a clear conscience.

And no, I don’t know why “wars of aggression” is in scare-quotes.

A Song I Wrote All By Myself

Whoever knows fear BURNS at the touch of the MAN-THING Man-Thing
I think I fear you

but I wanna know for sure

so come on and
hold me tight


… I fear you …

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