Archive | April 30, 2007

Three Bad Things in Decreasing Order of Importance, Followed By a Good Thing

[cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

Your tax dollars at work Who are those guys in Guantanamo, and what awful crimes have they committed, really? Check out these interviews: audio here, transcript here. (Conical hat tip to Reed Richter.)

Apparently President Bush was a sex slave during World War II. At any rate, he has accepted the Japanese government’s apology for the treatment of wartime sex slaves, which he could hardly have done had he not been one …. (Conical hat tip to Elizabeth Brake.)

Tom Sawyer’s Island is one of my favourite parts of Disneyland; it’s a nice break from the rest of the park, inasmuch as it has no rides or special effects, just places to play and wander. Well, apparently Disneyland is about to ruin it.

On a brighter note, portions of a lost work by Alexander of Aphrodisias, the foremost ancient commentator on Aristotle and a pretty smart thinker himself (his book On Fate rocks), have been discovered. (Conical hat tip to LRC.)

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