Archive | April 23, 2007

It Came From France

[cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

Eiffel Tower Forget those 700-page libertarian books; they’re for sissies. The libertarian book I just received in the mail is over 1400 pages long; plus it’s in French, and it has no frakkin’ index.

The tome is Histoire du libéralisme en Europe, edited by Philippe Nemo and Jean Petitot. Topics include the School of Salamanca, the French Liberal School, and the Austrian School, plus liberal thinkers in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere; contributors include Ralph Raico, Guido Hülsmann, Barry Smith, Josef Šima, Jesús Huerta de Soto, Roberta Modugno, and Johan Norberg.

Well, this should keep my idle hours occupied. Now all I need is some idle hours.

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