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Follow the Rules!

[cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

Ludwig Wittgenstein My article “Rule-following, Praxeology, and Anarchy,” which I presented last April at the PCPE in Prague, has just been published in the Liberální Institut’s journal New Perspectives on Political Economy. I argue that Wittgenstein’s rule-following paradox has implications both for Austrian methodology and for anarchist theory. Czech it out.

In a recent column, Sheldon Richman, citing my article, suggests some implications for our understanding of the Constitution as well.

More Memed Against Than Meming

I’ve been memed again! Twice this time – by Wally Conger and Matt Jenny. Okay, here goes: 

after Camus, what?One book that changed your life: The God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson

One book that you have read more than once: On the Road by Jack Kerouac

One book that you would want on a desert island: Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills by John and Geri McPherson

One book that made you laugh: The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by Will Cuppy

One book that made you cry: The Face Beside the Fire by Laurens van der Post.

One book that you wish had been written: To Lorne Dieterling by Ayn Rand.

One book that you wish never had been written: Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger

One book that you are currently reading: Making It Explicit by Robert Brandom

One book that you have been meaning to read: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Now tag five more people: Can’t make me. The meme* has crossed the event horizon of my blog and will never rise again.

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