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Cato Institute Publishes Leftist Screed!, Pars Nona

More from Stephan Kinsella here and here, and another reply from Kevin Carson here.

It’s frustrating not to be able to jump in here yet (especially since Stephan’s and Peter Klein’s interpretations of my position have grown increasingly strange, and I want to grouse about it in detail) but I’m surrounded by stacks of term papers and final exams right now ….

Cato Institute Publishes Leftist Screed!, Pars Octava

If I’d known how many more parts there’d be I wouldn’t have started the damn Latin titles. In any case, my last post should’ve been Pars Septima, not Pars Septa. Argh! Oh well.

Wait, this post has an actual topic: Shawn Wilbur weighs in on whether big chain bookstores benefit from state intervention. (Spoiler alert: yes.)

More from me on the conflation debate anon.

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