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Gun Rights Versus Secession!

The Mohawks want to ban guns in their territory. Canadian border agents want to carry them. Details here.

A simple solution: the Mohawks should secede from Canada and the U.S. Next, any gun-friendly Mohawks should then secede from the seceders. There, all solved.

Well, I didn’t say the implementation would be simple ….

Free Minds! Free Markets! Free Parking!

Although this article on the Free State Project is partly (albeit not entirely) hostile, it still seems like fairly good publicity.

I thought it was amusing that the Globe considers it “bizarre” to protest intrusive government by publicly performing manicures without a license – but doesn’t seem to find it bizarre that there is such a legal offense as performing manicures without a license.

Sweet Home Maersk Alabama

What’s wrong with this story?

The Black FreighterAndrea Phillips, the wife of Capt. Richard Phillips of Underhill, Vermont, said her husband had sailed in the waters off Somalia “for quite some time” and a hijacking was perhaps “inevitable.” …

Merchant crews aren’t supposed to fight pirates, short of using high-pressure hoses to try to stop them from climbing aboard, said John F. Reinhart, president and CEO of Maersk Line Ltd. “They (the crews) don’t have any weapons ….”

A Gun Law I Can Support

Just saw some talking head on tv defending gun control; he said: “People talk about the 2nd Amendment, but the 2nd Amendment doesn’t give you the right to go out and gun down a bunch of people. We need stricter laws.”

You mean it isn’t already illegal to go out and gun down a bunch of people? I did not know dat.

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