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We Are Everywhere

Molinari/C4SS and ALL have a presence at next week’s Libertopia in San Diego, with presentations by Gary Chartier, Sheldon Richman, and your humble correspondent. Gary and I are also on an anarchism panel with David Friedman. We (Molinari/C4SS/ALL folks) also have a free-market anti-capitalist manifesto forthcoming: Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate […]

Let’s Ignore Hitler

Libertopia, the marvelously radical libertarian event where I’ll be speaking again this year (21-23 October, in San Diego; y’all should come!), has a blog for speakers. My first post, Beyond Government, is up now. Check out some of the other entries too; I particularly like Gary Chartier’s, Spencer MacCallum’s, and Stefan Molyneux’s.

Way Long Gone, Part 3

I got back from my voyages on Monday (I announce belatedly). PorcFest was anarchy in miniature: people were smoking weed, packing heat, selling unlicensed food and alcohol, and generally behaving in a peacefully unauthorised fashion. There were pistol safety classes, gay dance parties, and sessions on everything from polyamory, transhumanism, and cop avoidance to alternative […]

We Didn’t Stop the Fire, Part 2

More libertarians have been weighing in on the firehouse issue; see Gary Chartier, Art Carden, Tom Knapp, Bob Murphy, and Kevin Carson. (I’ll reply to Tom’s, and others’, criticisms after I get back from Libertopia, where I’m headed tomorrow.) In other news, Libérale et Libertaire explains what libertarians should say when asked about the Civil […]

This is Your Brain on Stateless News

Some C4SS-related items worth checking out: [Note that this does not mean that other C4SS-related items not listed here are not worth checking out!] Kevin Carson on The Cognitive Biases of Hierarchy. (Turns out that power makes you stupid.)   Charles Johnson on Is the Problem Really Too Little Trust in Government? (Can you guess […]

Notes From All Over

Observations of a various, sundry, and miscellaneous character: Over at Take Back the LP, check out a purpose statement by Murray Rothbard and a(n) FAQ by Morey Straus. Libertopia has a revised speakers list up. Next month I’ll be going back to Prague for the PCPE. It’s being held a month earlier than usual. On […]

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