Archive | August 9, 2015

The Key to All Mythologies

I recently finished former Doctor Who showrunner Russell Davies’ Writer’s Tale, which is his account – through a series of emails with Benjamin Cook – of the making of the show.

I now get all the references I used not to get (most of which I didn’t realise I wasn’t getting) in this video:

I mean, the lyrics are a pretty direct commentary throughout on the book.

Demon-Haunted Providence



I spent last weekend in Providence, at Brown’s Political Theory Project (right next to H. P. Lovecraft Memorial Square), at a workshop (my second one) on Matt Zwolinski and John Tomasi’s excellent forthcoming history of libertarianism.

My taxi driver was the nephew of Roderick Chisholm! He told me of Chisholm’s accordionist skills; I told him that his uncle’s name had become a verb.

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