Archive | August 1, 2007

Polish Express

Krakow Today I finished up my lectures for Mises University. Tomorrow morning I head off to Poland for the IVR conference in Krakow to present a paper on Lysander Spooner – the same paper I plan to present at the Molinari Society meeting in December. Then, after Krakow, I head to Holland – Holland, Michigan, that is – for a Liberty Fund conference. So I’ll be incommunibloggo for a while.

Zip It

Two anecdotes that seem to belong together:

Sullivan and Hugo Once at a performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, Arthur Sullivan was in the audience and was humming along with the score, when the man next to him said indignantly, “I came here to hear Sullivan’s music, not yours!”

Once when Victor Hugo was hurrying home to answer a call of nature, he realised upon reaching his building that he wasn’t going to make it inside in time, so he relieved himself against the outside wall of his house. A passerby told him, “How dare you! Don’t you know whose house that is? It is the home of the great Victor Hugo!”

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